Flash without DLM

Want to download and install flash without the download manager? I know I do. Why force installation of a download manager for files that are only a few megabytes? It’s an overhead that simply isn’t required. I don’t need any more rubbish installed on my computer and neither do you. The links below will take you to the official install files. Download to your local machine and install directly. Flash

Batch File Comments

Recently I needed to add a comment in a batch file and I couldn’t remember how to do it. Google proved somewhat elusive in providing adequate results and so the search took longer than it should have done. For posterity, you can add a comment to a windows batch file by adding “REM” to the start of the line. REM This is a comment REM This is also a comment I was using the batch file to automate the encryption of the system.identity element for multiple sites on a web server.